Storismenos, a modern trading company active in the area of Thessaly in the last 40 years. The new exhibition areas offer a collection of materials from all over the world with high aesthetic identity. Following major investment in 2004 in the new store Larissa offer over tiles and sanitary ware solutions for kitchen, door, closet, fireplace.

All sections are developments in the contemporary design world and trying to enforce all the new trends that highlight the modern design. The expertise of the staff and exemplary organization promise to all our customers a high level of information and service. The design sections are comprehensive studies on all areas of the house on our articles. Advantage allows the customer to view the area before the build. The ability to service any client is reality.

In recent years the market proved that nothing is difficult for us. We can accommodate a project as demanding and difficult to be. So our clientele numbers of individuals with small construction projects to large hotel and public works. The cooperation of the company Storismenos with the largest homeware from around the world, ranks among the top nationwide. Trust the largest factories of tiles, sanitary ware, kitchen, door, closet is big and slow. We aim to satisfy every kind of customer relationships of mutual respect.

Over the years there were many customers who trusted us. Particular confidence shown us by the manufacturers, architects, decorators and all the technical world, who have embraced our products and promoted them, achieving the creation of a very charming space.